Why MMG?

Here are the top reasons leading companies use MMG as the exclusive collections agency for their accounts receivable issues.


These issues require commercial collection experts and MMG specializes in this area. We also have extensive experience on the corporate side of credit and collections so we understand the nuances of different aspects of the business world, and the related collection actions and tactics. We specialize specifically in commercial collections so with our experience, qualifications, and success rate, no one is more adept at handling these types of matters for you.

Intensive Legal Pursuit, When Necessary

Our attorneys are recognized as the best in the country at commercial collections, so having MMG on your side gives you the upper hand at every stage in the recovery process. They have authored several major works on collection law used as a guide by other attorneys, and they remain at the forefront of collection litigation and enforcement.

More To Your Bottom Line

You will write off less and recognize more revenue, therefore improving your bottom line. Some creditors may hold onto cases to try to save on collection fees or opt for less effective collection agencies. Because of our successful track record, clients proactively involve us early in the recovery process to effectively improve their cash flows and use us for what we do best-get you more money.

Personal Service

Your relationship with us is paramount and you experience that in every way we operate. We are a specialty firm committed to being responsive to our clients' needs, therefore we are always personally available to take a phone call, answer questions, or help you with any needs or advice.

No Liability Issues

You can be confident that our firm does not use any inappropriate or threatening tactics that could result in problems for you. We gather all of the information that we need and then give the debtor a realistic deadline to pay. We are very professional and experienced in these sensitive situations.


You stay informed with accurate monthly progress reports or you can view your case updates by accessing our online client portal. We are also available at anytime on the phone or by email to provide an update.

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